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Hello, Dusk Bunny
2005-07-23 - 3:24 a.m.

My favorite time of day is dusk. I imagine that most Americans are sun worshippers, who dream about vacationing in equatorial regions and amazing tans, about the sand and the ocean and any part of the day where the sun touches them. And that's okay. I like that. But it is not my favorite time of day.

I like it best when the sun is tucked, by most sides, into the edge of the earth (and the comfortable feeling that comes with that description). I like that, despite constantly changing weather, one can always count on the air turning just a little crisper. I love that silhouettes become the echo of dusk. When the sun is in the process of setting, you cannot quite make out strict lines, necessary structure. Everything fades just right into its comfortable horizons. The world at dusk is a perfect impressionist painting. No real faults and no real perfections.

I imagine that most Americans don't pick out a "favorite time of day." We live life much to fast-paced. Admittedly, I had never really thought about what time of day was my favorite. If I were asked what my favorite time of day a month ago was, I'd probably say five o'clock - clock out time! I'd say it without much thought. And that's okay, that's normal.

I picked out my favorite time of day after I had lost all my hair to chemotherapy. That is when I consciously did it. When there are no definition of lines, you cannot look across the street and know you are looking at a twenty one year old bald girl walking her dog. My initial reasoning may not have been the most poetic, but the more I thought about dusk, the more reasons I had to love it. I love dusk, even just for the simple fact that I have found myself at a peaceful enough pace in life, that I can contemplate just what my favorite time of day is, and why.

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