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CAT scan numero uno.
2005-09-14 - 10:41 p.m.

I knew I had cancer before the doctors eased the discovery on my family and I. The diagnosis came five years ago, in 1999. Sometimes, a persons body will give hints about whats going on with it. It's odd how people have this weird sixth sense. It's a supernatural feeling: I admire and fear it. However, that was not the case for me, nothing quite that exciting. I was just purely paranoid. Out of my mind. Psychotic to think that it were possible that I, Jessica, freshman of high school extrodinaire, had Cancer.

My Uncle died of cancer just a month before I was diagnosed. He was extremely young, twenty-eight. So, Cancer was on my mind. The minute I heard "Cat Scan" I was sold on the idea that I had cancer. Being that I was only fourteen, and after the horrible tragedy that preceeded me, no one else thought it possible. I knew.

I had been sick for some time. An elongated hay fever plagued me for months. After being sent away from my life-long pediatrican with amoxacillan for the umpteenth time, my family switched doctors. I was under asthmatic suspicion, as asthma has a tendancy to run in my family. All it took was a simple chest X-ray to reveal a dark spot in the middle of my chest. To avoid alarming the family, my shiny new doctor explained many of things it could be, likely pneumonia in an early stage.

Well then, what do we do next?

Schedule a CAT scan.
and then, I knew.

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